digicastHD User Manual

digicastHD can be installed on up to 4 Android devices including your cell phone.  We actively manage the media platform on the back-end so you always get the latest and greatest the Internet has to offer.  You will receive all of our updates on the fly giving you ultimate peace of mind.

You have access to the top 10 KODI builds which you may download as many times as you like. Try them all out and keep the one you like best. We will always keep this section updated with the newest and best builds available.


Follow the steps below to perform the initial setup of the digicastHD media platform. 

Step 1:  Click on every icon in the bottom row to download and install each section.

Step 2:  Click on the large KODI icon to download and install KODI. Press Done after it installs.

Step 3:  Click on the Custom Builds section and choose a KODI build to download and install.