User Manual - Fire TV








After booting up, register the device using your Amazon account details and select network settings if you are using WiFi.  Choose your Wifi network.

It is highly recommended that you connect the device using a network Ethernet cable since that will give you much higher video streaming speeds. WiFi will work but you may run into issues with pausing (buffering) if you are not getting a good download speed.  If this is the case then you will need to move the box closer to the router to get a stronger signal.

If you plan on using WiFi then please make sure the location you want to install it in can get a strong wireless signal. 10Mbps+ download speed is required for HD video streaming.  Go to the website and run a speed test on your phone while connected to WiFi to test your speed in the location the Fire TV will be installed.

When choosing a video link to stream from, GVIDEO usually provides the best experience since it is GOOGLE servers.



digicastHD Custom Media Center

You can launch it by going to Apps -> scroll to the right until you see a Red diamond icon. Once you open digicastHD from this section, the icon will show on the main page at the very top in the Recent section. You can also launch it from Settings -> Apps -> Manage Installed Apps -> Launch digicastHD.

Once it opens, choose either digicastHD or digicastHD no XXX and it will automatically download and install our custom media center from our server. After it finishes, press OK and then re-open digicastHD. Once you see the digicastHD media center menu items and wallpaper, let it sit for 10 minutes so everything can update behind the scenes. If it asks to disable something say no.


IMPORTANT!  By default, 3rd party apps are disabled after a new install. Open digicastHD, go to REPOS, My Addons, Video Addons and click each one you want that says Disabled and change it to Enabled.

Enable ALL Repos. Open digicastHD, go to REPOS, My Addons, Add-on Repository and click each one that says Disabled and change it to Enabled.


***If you have any issues or simply want to reinstall the media center at any time then you can install it by going to Settings -> Apps -> Manage Installed Apps -> Highlight digicastHD.  Press clear data and clear cache, wait 10 seconds then re-run the digicasthd app again. You will be required to join our VIP program if you wish to keep downloading and installing from our servers. New VIP updates are added to our media center every 6 weeks.




EXODUS - you can access this excellent section in the ADDONS menu item.

If you need to adjust the audio/video sync you can do so by accessing the audio settings while playing a movie.  Press the select button(button inside circle) and choose the audio icon then adjust the audio offset. For Exodus, changing the audio offset ahead(to the right) by .200s seems to work well. You can set it for just that movie or you can select set default for all.





Select MOVIES to view all of the movie sections. Select TV SHOWS to view all of the tv shows sections. Same for LIVE TV and the other menu items.

Create your own free Ororo TV Show account at

Open the media center, select the TV SHOWS menu item. Open Ororo TV and enter in your account info. 


You can access and install more Add-ons/channels by going to SETTINGS -> Add-ons -> Install from repository - > All repositories - > Video Add-ons. Whatever you download will show up in the ADDONS menu item.

Keep in mind alot of these Add-ons will not work and have not been tested by us. For best results, use the stuff we have already pre-loaded in the main menu categories.




Hold down the home button on the remote and select Sleep.




LIVE TV Mobro should be your go to section for free Live TV

USTVNOW is excellent but you need to create an account first.  Create a non-facebook account. When asked, say you are watching TV abroad or won’t work.

In KODI, go into Settings -> Addons-> Enabled Addons-> Video Addons-> open USATVNOW-Dixie-> Configure -> enter in your email and password.




You can download your free roms(games) to a usb stick from a computer from

You can launch the games by plugging in your usb stick and selecting the GAMES menu item. Choose Load Content(Detect Core), press Parent Directory twice and select your usb stick folder which is extUSB. Then you need to map the gaming controller buttons to the gaming program that is built into the media center.

Go to GAMES on the menu bar, go to settings, at the top go to input, under where it says "configuration autodetection", uncheck Enable.  Where it says "touchscreen overlay" uncheck that and then go down to "custom binds". Select Player 1 custom binds. Use a mouse to click detect then press a game controller button and press ok with a mouse to save. Do this for each button you need to set.

You can also force widescreen view by going to settings, at the top go to video, select Aspect ratio and choose 16:9.




Q:  Is there a true cable TV section that is all HD and always available?

A:  Free Live TV works pretty well when it is available but if you are looking for a true basic cable tv replacement that is all HD, reliable and always available then you will need to subscribe to or Create a non-facebook account. When asked, say you are watching TV in a country outside of the USA or it won’t work. Follow the steps below.


In KODI go into Settings -> Addons-> Enabled Addons-> Video Addons-> open USATVNOW-Dixie-> Configure -> enter in your email and password.

Q:  I'm getting a lot of "script failed" and "one or more items failed to play" error messages, what does that mean?

A:  That error pops up when the link you are trying to play is down.  It is normal to see this error once in a while and it is up to the third-party hosts to fix their links.

If everything you are trying to play from every menu category is giving that error then there is something wrong with your connection. This usually means you are getting very slow internet speeds and it is causing the playback of everything to fail.  You can test your internet speed by running the speed test located in the HELP menu item. Use a mouse to click the Begin button. HD video streaming requires at least 10mbps download speed which is the norm by today’s standards.  Move your Fire TV closer to your router for a stronger/faster signal or plug in a network cable for maximum streaming performance.


Q:  Some of the links I am trying to play keep freezing up saying “Working…”

A:  If you run into an issue where you tried to play something and it just hangs there saying Working… then it means you have run into a bad link. You can reboot the device by holding down the select and play button on the remote for 5 seconds. There's nothing you can do about this since it is up to the host to fix their links. If this happens a lot you may want to avoid that particular section and you can report it to us so we can test and possibly remove it from future setups.

Please contact us before automatically assuming the device is defective because you are having playback issues. The Fire TVs are all setup the same exact way and tested prior to being shipped. Any problems are usually due to a poor connection speed or a host/server whose section or links are down.