VIP Price Change


The price of our VIP monthly subscription has increased +$1.99 from $5.00 per month to $6.99. The main reason for this price increase is because Ebay no longer owns PayPal and they have become separate companies. As a result, Paypal no longer offers discounted transaction fees based on sales volume so we are forced to pay a higher rate.

The amount of time required to support all VIP users and their new updates has also been much more time consuming than originally expected when determining the original price. With each update, there are many emails and small issues that arise that need to be addressed using remote support.

We contacted PayPal to see if they could automatically update everyone's pricing plan to $6.99 but they said this was not possible so we ask that everyone re-subscribe using the link below. Once you subscribe, your old subscription will be canceled.

The $6.99 monthly price stays the same whether you have 1 digicastHD or 4 in your home. The more devices you have, the more value you gain from your subscription.

For example,
1 digicastHD =  $6.99/month
2 digicastHD =  $3.50 each/month
3 digicastHD =  $2.33 each/month
4 digicastHD =  $1.75 each/month

Remote Support will now become a free service for the first 6 months and then require a VIP subscription.

Although you can cancel your VIP subscription at anytime, once you cancel you cannot resubscribe and will only be eligible for $25 full remote upgrades moving forward.

Your old subscription will be canceled once you resubscribe.  Do not forget to regularly check our site for announcements about new updates.